5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter to Revamp Your Website

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter to Revamp Your Website

So you’re thinking about revamping your website, but how do you know if it’s the right time? To give a simple answer to a complex question — it depends. The truth is you should revisit your website copy at least every 1.5 to 2.5 years to stay relevant. However, I find that most business owners pivot more frequently. You want your new website to speak to your audience and services so it’s as current as possible. What’s more, you want to deliver the best user experience possible, and to do that you need intimate knowledge of current copywriting best practices.

Writing the kind of copy that gets results is no walk in the park, but the right copywriter has the skill and knowledge to make your vision a reality. Hiring with a professional copywriter on your website revamp combines your passion with their knowledge to boost business and create copy that inspires confidence.


1: Create Compelling Copy

Your website is the face you show the digital world, it is your online business card and it needs to create the right first impression. Connect with your clients by writing conversationally. You want to build relationships, not give lectures. People are more likely to engage with businesses they feel a connection to. 

Beyond plain good writing, quality copywriting must also follow some specific strategies. Your hero section is the first thing your client will see, and it needs to be informative and engaging. Content here must answer key questions such as:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why they should work with you
  • Where you are located (if applicable)

Answering client questions establishes you as a trusted authority and encourages them to keep scrolling.

Finally, content should call out to your client. Wrap up your hero section by including a call to action that impels them to take the desired action.


2: Identify Brand Voice

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from competitors, that special something that gets you noticed by potential clients. Identifying your brand voice is an important step in building brand awareness through my REACH process.

To establish your brand voice, you must first gain an understanding of your target audience and their problems through research. Only once you understand your audience can you begin to craft a brand identity and engage your clients.

To craft a brand voice that your customers connect with, talk with your copywriter about your company’s core values. Value-based content conveys a level of authenticity that your client will appreciate. When clients feel confident that you share the same values as them, they are over 70% more likely to engage with you.


3: Convert Leads and Boost Sales

A good copywriter inspires confidence. When you know your website is rock-solid, you are more confident in connecting with clients because you know you have the messaging they need.

When people are confident they can trust you, clicks and leads turn into paying clients. 61% of purchases are directly influenced by reading related content. Great content does the work for you by converting leads into clients even while you’re off the clock.


4: Know Best Practices

Writing the best content requires knowledge of content marketing best practices, which are constantly changing. The Google algorithm makes 500-600 changes every year, and every time the algorithm changes so do the ranking requirements for SERPs.

For example, Google recently switched over to a mobile-first style of indexing web pages, basing website rank on the mobile version of the site. Additionally, Google began prioritizing quality content over keyword stuffing and SEO terms.

Forget forcing in awkward keywords where they don’t fit for the sake of some crawler bot. Your clients are people and your content should be written for people, not bots. Prioritize readability instead. Write conversationally and in small, easy-to-read chunks instead of intimidating walls of text.


5: Write With Objectivity

Last but certainly not least, a copywriter can write with objectivity. Your business is your baby, your passion project. Being passionate about what you do is great, it lends itself to success. However, it can be a hindrance when writing. When everything is important to you it’s hard to flesh out what’s most important for your customers to know.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem, instead of saying too much, you might be leaving key information out. Talking about yourself can be hard, like when you’re doing an ice breaker where you share a fun fact about yourself and you immediately forget everything you have ever done. A copywriter offers an outside perspective so you can focus on what’s important, and forget about what’s not.


Ready, Set, Revamp!

Good copy works like a good dating service: matching clients who have problems with business owners who have solutions. Start reeling in your ideal client today with these quick fixes, and contact me to start matchmaking!


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