Turn your website into 24/7 sales machine

Ready to find out what makes YOUR website tick (and where it falls short), so you can confidently put it to work for your business?

This 24/7 website sales machine bundle is specifically designed for online business owners—including freelancers, coaches and consultants

It’s packed with actionable tips to get you on the fast track to sales and includes a masterclass, a website copy playbook, and 10 AI prompts for writing copy your clients gobble up.


Here's what you'll get with the 24/7 Website Sales Bundle:

Ultimate Website Copy Playbook

with lots of great information on structuring and writing your website copy (a $99 value)

CopySnacks Website Copy Masterclass

 to give you an overview of what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the most out of the playbook and AI prompts (a $149 value)

10 Proven AI Prompts for Web Copy

so that you can use generative AI to help you fine-tune your copy (a $99 value)

These materials are my top requested trainings and resources.

And together, the value is well over the $349 total value.

But you won’t pay hundreds of dollars for them nor will you pay the thousands I charge 1:1 clients to get brand messaging and website copy.

You’re getting these resources for just $74, a 79% savings! 

And you’ll want this bundle if you’re tired of

  • apologizing for your website
  • wondering if you have the right message for your audience, and
  • wishing it would work for you 24/7 behind the scenes to convert lookers into buyers.

Hi, I'm Erin Pennings!

I’m a brand messaging strategist and copywriter who helps small business owners like you hone in on your message and craft website copy that meaningfully connects you with the real humans in your audience so you can build momentum.

“What’s that experience?” you ask…

Well, I’ve written and audited copy for closing in on 100 sites. And, when it comes to website copy, I’ve seen it all–from superstar awesomeness to “well, that’s something.”

And you deserve to be a superstar. That’s why I created this bundle, so you can write website copy that speaks to the humans in your audience!

Ready to do this? 

Let’s GO!